Greatlake Driver Training

simple. we drive taupō

Driver training from first lessons to heavy traffic & specialised fleet training we can get you into your license in all available classes.


About Us

Greatlake Driver Training Ltd is Taupo’s foremost provider of driver training and education and was established in 2000.

A small locally owned company Greatlake Driver Training not only looks after large companies training needs but often trains and licences small groups of people including one-on-one training when required, all in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

With our extensive skill base, we deliver driver education programmes covering all classes of driver licences including Dangerous Goods, Forklift, Passenger and heavy machinery endorsement courses.

At Greatlake Driver Training you will be in good hands knowing that your Instructor has been driving and training others in heavy vehicles and machinery for many years and is still currently an active relief driver in the logging and linehaul industries.


To provide each student with the necessary information, skills and techniques to be a safe responsible driver.

To provide a learning friendly environment that meets the needs of each student’s learning style. To recognize and understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses.

To provide each student with the proper training so they can obtain a NZ driver’s licence.

To provide the public with SAFE RESPONSIBLE DRIVERS.

GDT are passionate about safe driving. simple, we drive Taupo.

Car & Lessons

Your safety and the safety of others are our highest priority, so our Suzuki Swift
is fitted with dual controls. With Greatlake Driver Training you can expect the very best driving lessons
from an experienced and accredited instructor. We provide..

  • Preparation for Restricted Licence Tests
  • Preparation for Full Licence Test
  • Refresher Lessons for Mature Drivers
  • Advanced Driver Training/Assessments
  • Company Driver Training/Assessments

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  • Truck Licences – Class 2, 3, 4 & 5
  • Endorsements – Dangerous Goods, Passenger, Wheels, Tracks, Rollers, Forklift
  • Forklift Courses – Training and assessment, Hi-Abb Training
  • Defensive Driving Courses – for Learners, Restricted or Full Licence Stages
  • NZQA Unit Standards for Driving – Car and Truck Units
  • Practical Driving Lessons – Cars and Trucks
  • Relief Driving – Commercial Vehicles


LEARNER LICENCE holders are able to attend.

You’ll be able to attend once you have held your learners for 4 months or have had at least 50 hours driving experience. Doing the course while having your learner licence will help you pass your restricted licence test as it includes an In-car session and develops your driving skills

RESTRICTED LICENCE holders can attend as soon as they have their restricted licence.

Whether you are on your learner or restricted licence, you’ll still reduce the time to your full licence by 6 months.

ADVANCED DRIVER TRAINING designed specifically for businesses.

The Defensive Driving Course for Experienced Drivers has been designed with experienced drivers in mind. It’s comprehensive and takes only 4 hours.

Interested? Have Questions?

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